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Jim is an award-winning Australian composer, producer and studio performer of original electronic instrumental music covering many genres including electronic, ambient, new age and music for film and television. His major musical influences include Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Vangelis, Pink Floyd, Enigma, Johannes Schmoelling, Christopher Buckman, Tony O'Connor, Christopher Franke, Lisa Gerrard, Steve Winwood and Gary Wright. Since 2004 Jim has released over 25 independent albums in his homeland, Australia… commencing with his first release FIRST LIGHT, a light relaxing ambient album culminating in his new release TIMELESS e-MOTION, a powerful electronic album, officially released in January 2017. Ten of these albums have been released internationally.

This page is dedicated to the wonderfully talented artists (and their agents / promoters) who submit their work to us for airplay on this station. Please support them by visiting their websites and social media feeds and purchasing their work. 


Love to hear YOUR ambient or new-age music compositions on SLEEP RADIO? We're keen on hearing from budding ambient and new age artists who believe that their music is the exact type and style that we play. Please note that as we're a non-profit service, we don't remunerate those artists who submit music to us for airplay or pay monies to any third parties who may represent you such as agents or music licensing authorities worldwide. By submitting your music tracks to us, you agree that you are not seeking and will not in the future, seek or accept any reimbursement for your submission or our playing of your music. Sleep Radio exists solely as a free sleep-health provider. 

You do however, benefit by click-throughs to your sales websites if mp3  tracks are embedded with urls to sites such as Amazon, ITunes, SoundCloud, Bandcamp, CDbaby etc. Mp3s need to have the correct ID3 tags in them for song, artist, album name, artwork and sales urls. Otherwise they end up with default or incorrect display information. If you're unsure how to do this, Mp3tag is a free tool that can do this for you. If you'd like to contribute to our playlists and feature below, please email us with an mp3 download link, a photo, a paragraph about you and links to your website, social media feeds and music sales urls. You can also use our mp3 file uploader to submit tracks (up to 500mb) for airplay audition by clicking here. We also regularly feature contributing artists as our "Artist of the Week" on-air, on our social media feeds and of course, in a profile below. Please note that on an average day we get sent 4-5 albums for airplay audition so please don't be offended if you don't hear back from us straight away.


Kerani was born in Belgium to a Hungarian father and German mother and she currently lives in the south of The Netherlands near the Belgium border and the area where she grew up. Kerani’s musical storytelling is refined and compelling in such way that each song becomes a delicately painted canvas, an exquisite blend between classical and contemporary music.

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Higher Level Media offers New Age Music Radio Promotions services with a variety of radio campaign options for New Age, Ambient, Contemporary Instrumental, Acoustic and World Musicians. They are different from other promoters as their company is run by an active performing New Age musician with knowledge on how to create revenue from many different angles, and can give advice on the best place to spend your marketing dollars.


Performance marketing is changing and they can help you change with it.  Terrestrial and internet radio promotions, print and e-zines, email marketing, web design, social marketing and more.  Explore what will move your career forward and get your performances in front of a bigger audience. Explore recording in the Rocky Mountains.  The Colorado experience in recording and concert performance is inspirational and fun.  Create a lasting musical legacy in a state-of-the-art recording studio with experienced sound engineers that want you to be heard.


Shoshana is a pianist and composer living in New York. Classically trained, she plays from her heart and her imagination. Her second album, "Dancing on the Wind", has received multiple nominations for awards, including "Album of the Year" from Whisperings Solo Piano Radio. Shoshana’s playing has been described as graceful and flowing and refined and elegant. Her music stirs the heart and touches the soul.


Scott is an ambient musician from Corinth, Texas, USA who composes in different sub-genres such as dark and light ambient, drone, cosmic space music, and ambient concept albums both as a solo artist and as a collaborating partner with many other artists in the ambient community. He has a creative thirst for adventure and a lack of patience for the monotony of remaining in the same sonic space for long.  


Indigo Symbol began as a side project in 2015 by FTMTE  frontman Richard Soto. Ambient being one of his biggest musical foundations, he felt the need to give it its own identity set apart from his Industrial roots. Indigo Symbol features expansive melodies, mind opening atmospheres and thought-provoking moods taken from a vast array of influences ranging from the darkness in space to the drowning depth of the ocean's abyss, the myriad of human emotions and everything in between.


Itty Bitty Beats are a children's music duo based in Christchurch, New Zealand. Since forming in 2014 they have had six music award nominations. In 2016, their second album 'Lay Your Head Down' won both best children's album and best children's song in 2016. As well as making and performing children's music, Jenny and Lucy also make baby loss awareness music which is free to download.


David Wells is a pianist and composer who released his first CD, “Songs of Hope”, in April, 2017.  David has an extensive background in arranging and composing as music director in churches around America for over 25 years. “Songs of Hope” was written with contemplation and relaxation in mind for the listener, to offer relief from stressful situations.


Cédric was born in Paris, France and is now based in Copenhagen in Denmark. He started to design sound for one aspiration - his album ILLUSION. He concentrates his work on linking music to different situations from fashion and art projects to cinema. Through his creations he wants people to be moved and taken to a different level of feelings.


Fiona Joy is an Australian Composer, Pianist and Singer who loves to tour and perform, had a song on a Grammy winning album in 2014 and considers herself a chocoholic, cat lover and good wine botherer.  About her latest album:  ‘The feel of Into the Mist brings back to mind… Immediately…the wonderful years of Windham Hill…’ David Robinson, Editor-in-Chief of Positive Feedback. Fiona is interested in pioneering new musical concepts and recording techniques to better serve her highly-interactive fan base. She frequently appears at audiophile conferences, and is signed to Blue Coast Records for high-fidelity recordings; owner/producer Cookie Marenco is considered a leader in the field, partnering with Sony Music to deliver hi-res music to discerning audiophile consumers. Marenco says, "Fiona's melodic solo piano and masterful performances are the perfect music to debut the kind of clarity double DSD audio brings to the home listener".


Steve is an Ohio-based finger style/classical guitarist with over 30 years of experience. He graduated from the Dana School of Music (Youngstown State University) in 1986 with a Bachelor of Music Education degree with an emphasis in guitar. In June of 2015, he retired after 29 years as a music specialist in the Youngstown City Schools. Steve is also the co-owner of the Liberty Lesson Center and it's there that he maintains a private studio.


AeTopus is an electronic music project composed, arranged, and produced by artist/musician Bryan Tewell Hughes. Hughes began taking piano lessons at age 6 and immersed himself in visual arts and amateur filmmaking as a young man. AeTopus has become recognized for its unique crossover sound - one that is too fantastic and original to be called “New Age” or “World”, yet too dynamic to be considered pure Ambient or Chillout. Bryan manages to keep his compositions active and instrumentally diverse while maintaining an insightful, mood-generating environment. Special attention to thematic progression makes his albums much more than song collections; they are subtle, flowing works of sonic art, almost essay-like in fashion and form.


Michele states: "I like offering my listeners a musical, meditative experience filled with energy and innovation that uplifts their Spirit" Born and raised in Chicago, USA, Michele is classically trained on piano. Her music is influenced by classical, new age and contemporary. Using various keyboard techniques, she composes full time and works on various studio projects with Vince Ippolito, musician/producer at their recording studio in the country in Dixon, Illinois, USA. Michele's first CD "Mystic Moods" was nominated Best Ambient Album 2006 by the New Age Reporter, iTunes top 10 and #1 on Music Choice Soundscapes.



Giuseppe resides in Italy and composes electronic easy listening music with vintage reminiscences. He’s a musician with passion and after more than 12 years making remixes and re-edits, he published his first album “Lights Shadows and Colors” on 16 September 2016. His new album entitled "Imaginary Flights" is stunning and perfect for our listeners. Within seconds it should have you floating away into dreamland. 



Pianist and Composer Joseph Nimoh creates music that is delicately crafted to inspire hope and bring healing to his audience. Joseph’s music incorporates elements of several genres including classical, jazz, and gospel music. His music has been described as emotionally-rich, soothing, and peaceful. One reviewer had this to say after listening to his music, “A gentle, embracing warmth runs through all of this music and simply makes you feel good – or at least better!



Tyresta is the solo music project of Chicago, Illinois-based social worker and musician Nick Turner.  He started the project in 2016 in hopes to create music that would encourage both himself and others to breathe, slow down, and connect with the present moment.  Nick utilizes various instruments including modular and semi-modular synthesizers in order to create emotive and engaging instrumental music.


Carey Moore is an ambient and electro composer based in Nashville, Tennessee. Since 2015, he has released six albums on his own label, Scooterbug Cape. He also writes music for television and has had more than 300 placements on MTV, HBO, and Viceland, among others. Carey is a long-time supporter of Sleep Radio and what we do so please support him by purchasing his music. It's stunning.


Daniel is a 64 year old composer now living in Caldwell, Idaho, USA. There was almost always a keyboard, piano or organ in the household while he was growing up and he began noodling on them as soon as he could reach the keys and whenever he could get away with it. He took up the guitar when he was 10 and began studying classical guitar at around the age of 18. By the age of 30, he’d grown tired of all of that work for almost no money. At about that time he began making music with the brilliant William Jarbo, and together they made reels and reels of electronic music and performed several times as “Dada Snacks.” That was 35 years ago and Daniel has been refining his prowess at ambient, symphonic, and chamber music to this day. Daniel says he’s still trying - very trying!



Based in Israel, this artist describes himself as a sound magician, jesting poet and philosopher, practicing the dharma of life and creating miracles. He gives birth to ambient drone soundscapes in his signature style - aka "Ambi-Magia". He describes his work as exploring the psyche, our relationship with nature and trans-personal spiritual deepness in a mystical mood. He's been labeled as a forward-thinking explorer of the interface between creativity and technology. 


Pianist/composer Rick Sparks is based in Greenville, South Carolina. His peaceful, melodic instrumentals feature piano layered with strings, flute and wordless angelic voices framed by quiet synthesizer pads. This combination is especially effective on his 2019 album, Hushabye, created specifically to enhance relaxation, meditation and sleep. Since 2014, Rick’s music has been heard on new-age outlets worldwide, including  SiriusXM’s Spa channel and public radio stations in the U.S. Australia’s Blue Wolf Reviews calls Rick’s music “dreamy and refreshing, an absolute delight.” Kathy Parsons of says it is “Music that overflows with hope, faith and peace.” According to Rick, “His utmost desire as an artist is to create music that replenishes the spirit with beauty and peace.”

Der Waldläufer

Since 2010 Der Waldläufer has released 4 albums and he's appeared on many compilations like Café del Mar, Klassik Lounge Nightflight, Le café abstrait, World Chill-Lounge, Cool off Chillout, Autumn Time, Spring Chill and many more. In his productions always the relaxation of body and mind stays in the focus. He lays out sound carpets and creates mesmerizing soundscapes, fills spaces and makes the soul vibrate. In harmony with his inner feelings he tells his impressions with the help of music and paints pictures with the colours of sound. His organic music always should be a counterpoint to hectic, work & stress.


Multi-instrumentalist, engineer and producer Tom Eaton has been quietly helping others make records for a quarter century, and has worked for nearly a decade as co-producer and engineer with Windham Hill Records founder Will Ackerman. Tom’s own music filters down through influences ranging from chamber minimalist Tim Story to dark pop artists like David Sylvian and Cocteau Twins. After a long hiatus from releasing solo instumental music Tom put out two critically acclaimed albums in 2016, and won the Zone Music Reporter’s “Best New Artist” award for the year.



Based in Cambridge in the UK, Orion describes himself as an up-and-coming composer of new-age Instrumental music. When he was very young, he tried getting set up with a music career but was let down by the zero support from both family & friends. This ended up with him living the routine way of life. These days, he's a carer for both his wife and son who are both disabled. In his spare time (when he finds it) he composes and self-publishes his music. His inspirations come from Vangelis, Medwyn Goodall, Christopher Franke and a number of others. Orion  can understand a lot of the struggles people go through in life, so he's hoping his music will put people in to a world where they feel safe and tranquil. You will only find Orion via his Facebook page so inquiries about buying his music can be done there using PayPal.

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Tonbild Opera - Photo by Christian Frost


Michel Huygen (aka Neuronim) is well known to Sleep Radio listeners and on 26th July 2019 we featured him as our artist of the week playing selected tracks from three of his albums, namely “Kryptyk”, “Lysergic Dream” and “Essentialia”. In the early days, Neuronium was originally a band of 3 musicians. After the project it became a two musician band with Carlos Guirao at keyboards and finally and since 1983, Neuronium is now one man project by Michel with more than 41 albums released. 


Sarajane was born and raised in Newcastle, Australia. She and her husband Matthew have five beautiful and vibrant children. She's always enjoyed playing the piano however has never learned to read music. She tells us that the Lord laid it on her heart in April 2019 to compose the album “Sleep, In Heavenly Peace” with each song being inspired by scripture. Not having had any professional musical education and only ever played by ear, she felt vastly unequipped however she just sat down at her piano and began to play whatever the Lord gave her. She feels very blessed to be able to play and create music on the piano and prays that the music God gives her might be a blessing to many.


Suzanneis a former entertainment Star from Europe, Co-Founder of and the New Age Music Circle. She became one of the pioneers in the  New Age music industry in West Germany and is now recognized as one of the foremost authorities on the subject worldwide. She has lived in the USA since 1983. "I devote my total being to whatever I'm doing" says Suzanne,  co-founder of Only New Age Music and the International New Age Music Network & Conference. This principle is the underlying factor in her success and has seen her through many transitional phases of her illustrious career.


Jaimé is a French musician, composer, producer living near Paris. After a period of piano bars and musical creations for an amateur theater troupe, he decided to create his own label “Magnetis” in 2015. His first album “Dilatation” was released in 2015 and proposed “a sound space dedicated to appeasement”. In 2019 he released his second album “Magnetis” - a stellar journey. He says “I like to propose a journey. Musical creativity guides me to recognise the destination of each project. My wish is to offer sound spaces conducive to travel, relaxation and escape then come back and take a step back. Music has helped me to achieve this personal journey."


Rod studied at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in Australia in Jazz Improvisation and Advanced Arranging, developing in composition and arrangement in jazz and contemporary keyboarding styles. Over the years Rod has been involved in the training and developing of singers and musicians as well as writing music arrangements for small stage bands through to large orchestras, direction of major musical productions and song composition. He studied at Jazz Worx in Brisbane and received an Associate Diploma in Jazz. Rod currently lives in Brisbane and is married to Jan.


Tonbild is the alias of Norwegian pop artist Joaquin, who has been releasing music since 2003. Tonbild creates dreamy midnight music with atmospheric drifting pads. Inspired by modern ambient music and mellow movie soundtracks. his passion for ambient music started in 2005 when discovering the classic album "Apollo" by Brian Eno. Listening through Eno's back catalogue, he found new inspiration in Ulrich Schnauss, Tycho, Hilyard and 36. It wasn't until the Covid-19 lockdown that he began to make his own ambient compositions.     



 Gregory is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer from Wollongong, Australia who records and releases various styles of music including ambient, electronic, modern-classical music, chill, downtempo and music for film, television and theatre. Gregory has released 3 albums and many singles and often collaborates with musicians around the world to create unique collaborations and remixes. His latest album is out called "Scrape Away The Snow" has been released on Cosmicleaf Records. His last album, "After Today" was included in Ambient Music Guide's best album's of 2020.

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