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Firstly it’s important that you know that we aren’t doctors or medical professionals; we are ordinary people just like you who have been unable to sleep for a long enough length of time to give us concern.


We know that you aren’t a fool.  You have probably tried lots of things to help you go to sleep and stay asleep.  You are reading this page because you are looking for that one thing that will make the difference for you.  We are hoping that Sleep Radio will become part of your weaponry in your battle to beat insomnia for good and all.


Lots of people tried to help us in our quest for sleep and we did a lot of research on our own too.  We tried some wacky things, some medical things, some organisational things and some spiritual things.  Have a look at our A to Zzzzs and see if any might help you.  Please let us know if you find the silver bullet so that we can share it with our online audience.




We don’t know if you have realised it yet but you are your own best advocate.  You need to make sure that you are looked after and the best way to do that is to look after yourself.  Feed yourself well, love yourself, get medical help when you need it and (this is particularly difficult for women and/or mothers) put yourself first sometimes.  At the moment you are having problems sleeping or you wouldn’t be here reading this, so we know that it is time to put yourself first for a while.  


Yes, we used to have an Android app but GooglePlay's annoying requirements for updates made it financially unfeasable to continue it. We're currently developing a free Android and Windows app to replace it. This doesn't constitute a sleeping tip but we thought we'd mention it.




Make sure that your bedding is clean and fresh and smelling sweet.  Make your bed every day.

You want your bed to look inviting.  We have found on the odd day that we have been too tired

or too lazy to make the bed, getting into it at night is not pleasant.


People who suffer from anxiety often find it hard to control breathing regularity when there's a

need to relax and calm themselves down. Try our breathing tool. It works !!


Camomile tea

We aren’t tea drinkers and found the taste quite awful but if you like herbal things then this may be for you.  Sip your tea slowly at least half an hour before bedtime.


Stay away from coffee, tea, cola drinks and anything else that contains caffeine after lunch and up until bedtime.  If you can manage to, then don’t drink caffeinated drinks at all.  We have found this to be a factor in our sleeping problems.

Cheese & Chicken

We have heard that cheese and/or chicken as a night time snack aids sleep. 



If you haven’t been sleeping well for any length of time that seems unnatural to you, go and see your doctor and have a check up.  There may be a medical reason for your problem.  Just watch that you don’t get sucked into taking sleeping pills.  Although these can be helpful in the very short term, long term use brings heaps of other problems. 



Boring topic because, as we all know, our bodies work better when we are eating right.  The thing is that different bodies require different feeding so, if you have questions about the best way for your body to be fed, make an appointment to see a Nutritionist.



Gosh we would love some!  Any ideas that you have found helpful will be lapped up by our Listeners.  Fill in our feedback form below.



Make google your friend.  Keep looking for new sleep ideas.  Make it your mission to solve your sleep problems.


Hot bath

If you have a hot bath before bed your body cools down to its optimum temperature – this mimics what happens as we fall asleep and as such can be a wonderful way of welcoming sleep to your body.


Insomniacs unite

We can beat this!!  PS…if can think of a better “I” please let us know! Again, use the feedback form below.


Jamas (pajamas)

Make sure that you have soft, loose fitting clothing to sleep in.  We have found that exposed shoulders cool quickly and help to keep us awake.



The newest big thing in leafy green vegetables, kale (which used to be animal fodder) is now being lauded as the latest trendy veggie and is full of sleep inducing calcium.  



Gosh, libraries are great places!  You will find so many sleeping ideas, healthy eating guides, exercise books, relaxation dvds and cds.  Check it out and then check out some of their offerings.


A few drops of lavender on your pillow or a lavender infusor in your room could be the thing that tips you over the edge into blissful sleep.



This element seems to help us with our aches and pains as well as an aid to sleep.  Have a chat to your pharmacist about whether you are magnesium deficient and whether this might work for you too.


You need a doctor’s prescription for this one.  We found that our doctor didn’t offer this as a solution until we asked about it.  It isn’t funded so you will have to pay for it yourself.  Our advice is just to pay for a month of it because if it is going to work for you then the results should be evident in under a week.


Some people swear by it and if it relaxes you and gets your body ready for sleep then why not have a try.



The beauty of having Sleep Radio playing softly into your ear buds is that external noise is eliminated.  We find that it quiets the noise in our heads too – you know the stuff we’re talking about don’t you?  All the buzz from the day and the days before that with the added buzz of the days that are coming up.  You don’t need that!  Softly push it away with Sleep Radio.



Oranges and almonds increase serotonin levels and as such can help you sleep.  And they are delicious.  Nuff said!



Go mad in the manchester section of the store.  Buy the most luxurious pillows that you can afford.  Lie down on the floor in the store and try them out – who cares if people are looking at you funny?  It’s worth a few stares to find the best pillow for you. 


We find that praying quietens and calms our souls before bed.  If you pray when you are in bed don’t be surprised if you zzzzz off before you’ve asked a blessing for all your distant aunts and aunties.  Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it.



Not always easy to achieve if you have children, pets, noisy neighbours or if you live in a noisy street.  Do your best to make your bedroom a quiet place – move to the back of the house if you are on a noisy road (even if the room is smaller and less convenient).



For us this has been the game changer.  Maybe it will be for you too.  Always go to bed at the same time.  Always get up at the same time (even on your day off or at weekends).  Let your body know that 9:30pm (or whatever time works for you) is the time you go to bed.



I think you already know what we’re going to say, right?  Sorry, but no television, tablet or mobile phone for an hour before you go to bed and all through the night.  It’s the blue light that is the sleep robber.  You don’t need it – send that text in the morning!


For those of you with anxiety issues making sure your house is secure before you go to bed will help with that particular worry.


For some people sex is a great tension reliever and helps them go straight to sleep afterwards.  Others stay awake totally wired after the event.  You know what kind of person you are so time your romantic interludes for the best period in the day for you.

Sleep drops

A wonderful product made right here on the North Shore of Auckland New Zealand which we have found to be very helpful (no, we aren’t the ones producing them!)  Have a look at and see if you might like to invest in this product.


These are a wonderful product. It's simply a band which fits comfortably around your head and has built-in, high quality speakers. Available in wired or bluetooth models. No more need for bulky headphones or uncomfortable ear buds. Fully recommended by Sleep Radio.  Click here for more information about these.


If you're a snorer or worse, the person sleeping beside you is a snorer, we highly recommend you give the Good Morning Sleep Solution a try. They can be purchased here. If snoring persists, it can be something more serious like sleep apnoea taking hold so make an appointment with your doctor who'll probably refer you to a sleep clinic for an assessment.



If you are going to use your tablet to play Sleep Radio, make sure your screen timeout is set at a few minutes or so to prevent a  flat battery or sleep disturbance. 


Unresolved problems

We all have these but some lucky people are able to compartmentalise them.  Do you want to stop thinking thinking thinking all night? Choose a time during the day to worry – sounds a bit new agey and weird but some people swear by it.  Write your problems down, think about them and note some possible solutions and then… close the book and your overburdened mind until tomorrow at the same time.



Pretty much like “U” to be fair!  Get out all your frustrations into your journal and don’t hold back!


Welcoming bedroom

Go mad and purchase the best quality sheets and bedding that you can afford.  Add some soft lighting, gentle pictures and familiar belongings that you love and cherish.


eXercise (OK, so what sleep tip starts with x?)

We have to admit that exercise is not high on our lists of things we love to do but if you are one of those people that do love it then please don’t do it late in the day.  First thing in the morning is the best time to swing your arms and legs around.



This is great time to talk about breathing exercises and changing the way that you breathe.  Because this is a huge topic, we will leave you to research it yourself and maybe you will decide that you have been doing wrong all your life!  Sounds crazy, but once again if it works for you then why not have a try?







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