As stated on our ABOUT US page, this radio station isn't a commercial enterprise. It's simply our passion in terms of helping others who have sleep and/or relaxation difficulties attain better health through getting a good night's sleep. Apart from some listener donations and a small amount of revenue from our app, we receive no funding whatsoever from anyone as we don't run this as a commercial station. Regardless of this income, running this station still costs my wife and I money and we outlay a lot every month for ongoing equipment maintenance, web hosting, broadcast equipment, hosting costs and paying for music rights to bring you the music that we do. Sleep Radio is a not-for-profit station and we're volunteers. Please help us to help you in the battle against this dreadful condition called insomnia. Financial accountability reports are available on request.


Apart from our annual funding appeal in late January each year, you'll never hear advertising, annoying DJs, announcements or station IDs as it's our intention to help you get many hours of uninterrupted sleep. The last thing you'll need is someone blabbering on about their products or services while you're trying to get some shut-eye!

Donations of any amount, no matter how small are greatly appreciated to keep us on air. Please help us to help you. 


Many thanks and regards




John Watson




Please note that donations made are in $US